That Girl

Meet Daisha Curtis, a 17 year old aspiring fashion designer. She discovered her eye for fashion at the age of 10. She always had her own sense style, and even though she can come off as shy and timid at first glance her style would never allow you to believe it. With the help of her grandmother, she was gifted her first sewing machine and that's when the story begins. 

During middle school years she didn't want to put a strain on her mother to purchase expensive school clothes. Daisha would use that same sewing machine to create dope up-cylcled looks using vintage and thrifted clothing. This way she would be able use sewing to express her passion and save money. She would take vintage clothing and create modern day looks that were unique. Rocking these creations at school gained her heavy attention. She was known for being "that girl".  

She always had been told she should try modeling. (have you seen her legs!? *heart eyes*) She gave it a try for the first time with the help of her mentor Ashley Tamarra, Founder of Love Doll ShoppeDaisha had been following Ashley via social media in admiration of her sense of fashion and love for vintage style. One day Ashley made a post reaching out for models to be styled for The Shoppe. Daisha didn't hesitate to inquire. Ashley fell in love with Daisha at first conversation and allowed her to model for The Shoppe with no previous experience at the age of 14. Since then Daisha has always held a special place in Ashley's heart and was asked to be the chief editor for Shoppe Talk.  

Daisha is inspired by the likes of Solange Knowles, Zendaya Coleman, and Rihanna Fenty and loves that these styles can be found at The Shoppe. Love Doll Shoppe is a place she calls home. The Shoppe caters to dolls just like her, up-cycling DIYers, thrift divas, and lastly the all around fashionistas. 

This site was created to give all of The Shoppe's loyal customers or as we call them "Dolls" access to hands on fashion advice, interesting reads, and visuals from a fashionista's point of view. Daisha is excited to be given the opportunity to be the chief editor and can't wait to show you how yesterday's fashion ties in with today's.