Summer Selection

Summer is finally here! Along with getting our summer body together, we must also find out what we will me jammin' out to... IT'S ONLY RIGHT! Me being the biggest music head EVER, I probably would have 100 songs in mind, but for your sake, I will choose 10 of my favorite songs that I am very excited to enter my summer break with! As well as some songs that I would love for you all to check out for yourself.

Mike Will Made-it & Rihanna //  Nothing Is Promised

Who does not love a Rihanna banger? Well, I do and this song is the perfect way to start my summer! Rihanna never disappoints when it comes to making a song you may want to twerk to. Play this song as much as you may want to this summer and as loud as you want!

Joey Bada$$ // Devastated

Joey Bada$$ makes a return as he releases an upbeat single after going on a little hiatus. I really was feeling this song the first time I heard it. Not only is the song great due to his sounds but the song itself is very uplifting and speaks on over coming obstacles. Picture yourself cruising to this.

Masego // I'm In Hollywood

New sounds from his latest project, Loose Thoughts, "I'm in Hollywood" produces an upbeat jazz sound that not many are used to but I am sure that it will grow on you!

Chance the Rapper // No Problem ft. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne

Chance The Rapper, one of my favorite artists for a few years has released a highly anticipated album "Coloring Book" (If you haven't heard it yet, you should) and although he has a gospel spin to it, "No Problem" should be on your summer Turn up playlist.

Kaytranda //You're the One ft. Syd

Kaytranada -the beat god- as I like to call him, released an album titled, "99.9%" and though it was hard to choose between two other tracks, this beat heavy track is probably my favorite featuring The Internet's (band) very own Syd the Kid.

Twenty88 // Deja Vu'
The Twenty88 duo ALMOST makes you want to fall in love (LOL) Maybe this album could be the playlist to your summer fling. This duo is the best I have heard in a very long time.

French Montana // Lockjaw ft. Kodak Black

Not like my others, "Lockjaw," is simply my turn up song. It is very hard not to turn up to a good Kodak Black song mixed in with a good beat.

Kali Uchis // Only Girl ft. Steve Lacy & Vince Staples

Although this song may not be very new (released early 2016), It is still one of my favorites. With another Internet (band) member, Steve Lacy and rapper Vince Staples. Everyone's sounds seem to go great together to produce the perfect little love song.
6Lack // Prblms

6Lack, a new face to many and to me as well has released single, "Prblms." Play this song as you whine down on your summer nights.

NAO // Girlfriend

Last but definitely not least is this newly released single "Girlfriend" released by NAO who is slowly becoming one of my favorite artist. With her forthcoming album releasing this summer, it is highly anticipated by me.

Yes, I know not all of these songs fall under the same genre. But if you're like me, you will be able to play all songs in one serving (Lol) Give it a try and take a listen at all of my favorite songs for the summer that I will be having.

A woman with drive can never be put in park. -Daisha 

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