We want YOU!

Hey there dolls from all over,

If you notice The Shoppe has undergone a major facelift. We have completely rebranded ourselves and we are proud of it. Along with it come new people and by new people we mean models! If you check the site and look at items from a while ago we were using mannequins and now we use real life dolls. Seeee??

However, WE NEED MORE! Lol. We have hired on a professional photographer and makeup artist (more about this dynamic duo to come), in turn we are currently looking to expand the brand with more shapes, sizes, and faces. If you live in the Jacksonville, Fl area and already model or if you're a newbie, ooooor if you just love the way you look and want to try modeling. We offer a program to help build your portfolio/ work experience. We are currently seeking models of all ethnicity and we don't care about wild color hair, tattoos, or piercing.. in fact we encourage it. Be yourself!

Enough of my babbling lets get down to the point. If you are interested here is what we need.

  • You to live in Jacksonville, Fl 
  • You to be willing to shoot on weekdays in the evening 
  • You to be willing to do trade work.. for now :) 
  • You to have transportation (no.. seriously)
  • Your name 
  • Your phone number
  • A few photographs of yourself 
  • You to have a positive attitude/ good vibe
I can't wait to hear from YOU. Don't be afraid, me and my team are goofs and can't wait to meet you. 

Making my dreams come true, 
-Ashley Tamarra (Owner, Love Doll Shoppe) 

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