Editor's Pick & Fashion Guide ||Summer Must Haves From The Shoppe

As we all are getting in shape and formation for Summer 2016, it is quickly making it's appearance and many college students are already in their Summer '16. Well, I am coming to you once again with a mini guide to your summer must haves that has made it's appearance on the runways and as well as the The Shoppe .
Love Doll Shoppe is home to many vintage items and what we notice is that the High Fashion world is also repeating trends that may have appeared around the time you or your parents were young.

I would love to begin with my personal favorite...
1. The Palazzo Pant / Culottes

London Fashion Week Ready to Wear

The Palazzo Pant is probably the most comfortable clothing item that I own. With Summer approaching, this pant allows you to get the perfect amount of breeze in the very humid and hot Summer air. To balance this item out, I would suggest that you wear a cute bralette or if you aren't comfortable with doing so, just pair them with a crop/tank top and cute open-toe sandals.

2. High-Waisted Bikini

Agua De Coco 2016

Highwaisted Bikinis has made its appearance some years back and still has remained one of the most trendy bathing suit trends to resurface. And the great thing about it is that they fit every body type and especially for those who don't feel so secure sowing off so much skin.

3. Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Peter Dundas 2016

Off-the-Shoulder tops, whether it is in cropped form, long-sleeved, or ruffled, these tops are the perfect item to add to your closet for Summer '16. You can pair these tops almost with any bottom in your closet which includes skirts, pants, or shorts.

4. Graphic Tees

Acne Studios

You absolutely can not make a wrong choice when rocking a graphic tee. It is no question of how to wear this item, where it how you want!

5. Denim Skirts

Toronto Fashion Week 2016

Whether it's long or short, frayed or hemmed, denim skirts are always a go-to.  Pair these with your favorite halter top or crochet top for your summer adventures.

Well, that concludes this week's fashion guide and I hope you found this very helpful! The Shoppe has many pieces that may correlate with your personal style and you will be able to rock styles that come straight off of the runway!

A woman with drive can never be put in park. -Daisha

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