Fashion Guide || Step Out Of That Comfort Zone, DOLL!

"MOVE OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new." - Brian Tracey

Almost everyone knows or have known someone who loves to wear nothing but neutral colors and minimalist pieces. We are loving (hopefully) the Spring and quickly approaching Summer,  it may be time for you to consider trying new things when it comes to your everyday attire.. I'm not going to beat around the bush....ADD SOME COLOR TO YOUR WARDROBE!! Whew... now that we got that out of the way.
Great news for you! I am here to aid you with a few tips to get you on your way to dropping the basic pieces and taking it up a notch.

-The Danger Zone-

Although you don't need much of an introduction... I would like to introduce to the "Fashion Comfort Zone"... but we are going to rename it "The Danger Zone"
Here... right... here.  The place where you are comfortable, maybe a little TOO comfortable. Oh, you know... blacks, grays, olives, whites and occasionally nudes. Those same ole neutral colors. Although minimalist is chic, it can get boring to say the least. Yes, I said BOOOOOORING!

Today let me convince you to try out out new colors and patterns! Yes... this will take you away from your usual black and white.. don't be afraid.....

-Try a Pattern or Five- 
Level 1:
This may be a little far fetched, but try out a pattern or two. Yes, it is okay to introduce patterns. A beautiful tribal print, or floral, even cheetah.  All of these patterns will compliment your normal solid hues well so don't feel like you're joining the circus by adding them. You're just... expanding your horizons. Right? Right!

Level 2:
If you're feeling brave, try pattern blocking. What is pattern blocking you ask? This is the art of mixing multiple patterns that don't necessarily match but they coordinate well together. An example is stripes and florals. Or florals and an animal print such as cheetah. There really is no "wrong way" to do this. I guarantee if you show up to school or the work place you will turn heads... for one you won't be doing your usual and two... you will look fly. Duuuuh. Here are a few examples below...

-Just Add Color.. Please!?-
Level 1:
If you're a person who is used to the normal black, white, and gray. Let me give you a quick guide as to what colors should be in your closet as a staple. I recommend pinks greens yellows, blues, and reds to start with. Having color now adds flare to your "danger zone" colors. This are perfect to start with because they compliment any skin tone, look great mixed together, and you can still wear your normal hues... oh yes.

Level 2:
Speaking of mixed together. If you want to take it to the next level, try color blocking. This style is pairing one color top with another color bottom. Or jacket, or purse, or shoes... the object of the game is to stylishly pair multiple colors together to complete your look.

Although color blocking is daring... it is worth a shot. Above, we have Solange, Kim Kardashian, June Ambrose showing exactly how is should be done.

If you're still have a trouble stepping out of your comfort zone, try one color at a time when it comes to incorporating it with your outfit. You know, instead of your normal black and white printed blouse with your jeans,  throw on a solid bright pink blouse. Or throw on a colorful handbag... one step at a time is all I'm asking here!

-Make a Statement-
Another easy way to add color to your life is via statement necklace or even a vibrant hat to spice up your normal monotone style. Statement necklaces are EVERYWHERE, from Forever 21 to Zara. Every brand caters to your budget's demands. The only advice I can give in this department is the larger and colorful, the better. Here are a few examples of beautiful pieces to add some pop to your collection.

I hope I was able to assist in pursuing you to spice up your Spring/Summer wardrobe. I'm not saying go on a color spree, and scream running through the mall. *Pause* But the next time you shop, instead of plain jane colors mentioned in the beginning... slide over to the other racks with the prints and colors.

With the Summer coming, live a little and have fun with your wardrobe. Save the dark hues for Fall and Winter months. You have plenty of vacationing, festivals, or where ever you should want to stand out for!  The Shoppe offers tons of pieces that scream color. We offer a range of clothing and accessories to help you try any of these looks. Visit today!

A woman with drive can never be put in park.

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