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One thing about being an online apparel brand is that you are always online. Upon my daily Instagram voyages I use hashtags and come across amazing brands and pages. This week in particular I used the hashtag #bohemian or #boho (I can't remember)... and came across this lovely brand. I won't even call it lovely... it is simply badass. I am working on my anti-social skills as of late and got the balls to send the page a direct message. Only after I stalked the Etsy store and Instagram page entirely. The fact that natural stone, coppers, and metals being used to create beautiful bohemian style pieces is what did it for me. I couldn't resist! 

I couldn't think of anything to say but "I looooooooove your pieces!!!" only to get the response.. " Thank you! I love yours too. we have similar tastes." That's when I thought hmmm... we DO have similar tastes aside from our love for boho fashion,  that fact that she like me is chasing her dreams and doing what she loves. I immediately asked the responder if we could collaborate some kind of way. Thus this idea came about... 

Being a "brand" means so much more to me than just selling products and making a dollar. I want to make an impact with this life I have. I want to be a voice of reason for that girl/ woman/ guy out there who doesn't believe they can fulfill their dreams. I want to share other brands with people even if it is through this blog that may not get the most readers right now. I want to be used as a vessel to spread "Girl Power"... better yet "power" period. Enough of that.... back to this.  

Today's case is The Gypsy Fawn. It turns out the owner of this brand is Ashley Massey a 25 year old native from Lawrenceburg Tennessee. Myself and the Editor in Chief Daisha tagged teamed her with a few questions. There was so much to talk about but I broke it down into ten questions. Ready? Here goes.  (AT- Ashley Tamarra, ST- Shoppe Talk, TGF: The Gypsy Fawn) 

1.) ST: At what point in your life do you feel was the beginning of your career?

TGF: I started The Gypsy Fawn in the Fall of 2013, but I did not start to see real growth until April 2014 when I started stocking my jewelry at a local boutique. From there I was able to engage with people in the community who otherwise would not have seen my pieces. Having my jewelry in a store motivated me to keep moving forward and pursue other stores. The Gypsy Fawn is now available in seven retail locations throughout Tennessee and in Iowa with plans for new stores soon.

2.) AT: Where did the name come from? 

TGF: The name of my line comes from two sources of inspiration: One of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs written by Stevie Nicks is called "Gypsy."  My precious little dog who passed away in 2014 was also named Gypsy.  I also love deer and all animals; their wild spirit and freedom greatly inspires me. 

3.) AT: What made you begin this journey? 

TGF: I started The Gypsy Fawn because I could not find jewelry that I really wanted to wear, and when I did, it would be way over my college student budget. I made a couple of pieces and then my friends wanted some. They told me I should start an Etsy store. One of my goals from the very beginning was to make jewelry that was not ridiculously overpriced and that someone like me could afford. I'm just happy that other people seem to like the same stuff as me! When I first started, I never anticipated that it would be at the point it is today. When I started The Gypsy Fawn, I was 22 years old and going through a divorce.  The Gypsy Fawn was the one thing I took from that relationship that was solely mine and had nothing to do with my ex-husband. Since then it has not only been one of my creative outlets, but it has given me the independence to support myself and not have to rely on a man again for income. When I became financially stable through The Gypsy Fawn, that was when I knew that even if I did not design jewelry forever, I would have to in some way have some part in a creative endeavor that allowed me independence and freedom to explore creatively.

4.) AT: What was your big "ah ha" moment they lead you to believe THIS was it for you? 
TGF: I have had a couple of those "ah ha" moments. The biggest one so far and most recently was when I found out Grace Potter was wearing the Witchy Woman necklace and a few other pieces on tour a couple months ago. It was almost an out of body experience because I had a hard time wrapping my head around that this rock goddess who I've been listening to before I even started making jewelry was wearing my pieces in front of thousands of people. 

5.) AT: What inspires your designs? 

TGF: I am inspired by the counter-culture of the 1960's, disco queens of the 1970's, Celtic goddesses, the cosmos, Cher, belly dancers, Stevie Nicks, and Mother Nature. 

6.) AT: What makes The Gypsy Fawn different from other brands?

TGF: The Gypsy Fawn is different from other brands because it's not just about making one thing: I make bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and use a variety of mediums ranging from clay, copper, vintage jewelry, crystals, brass, and found objects. I try not to limit myself when it comes to what I'm willing to create and I try to be as original as possible. I don't like going with trends, I like making my own trends and carving out my own path instead of following others down a worn out trail. 

7.) ST: Is there any other profession that you could see yourself doing if you weren't devoting your time to The Gypsy Fawn?

TGF: I could see myself in a few other professions besides jewelry design. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature and double minoring in Women's Studies and Professional Writing. Eventually I would like to obtain a Master's degree and then a Doctorate. I would like to work with women in need in some capacity, whether it be at a shelter or something more politically orientated. I also love writing, especially poetry and could also see myself maybe being an English professor one day. I think people get too caught up in putting people in boxes where they can only be one thing, whereas I am interested and passionate in a lot of things that I could eventually pursue professionally. My life is pretty compartmentalized, with some only knowing me through my jewelry line and others through school, and they often don't know about the other and are confused when I try to explain that I'm not just a student or not just a business owner. I sometimes feel pulled between school and my business, but it's important to me to find a peaceful balance between the two.

8.) AT: What do you do with your free time when you're not making amazing jewelry?

TGF: When I'm not making jewelry you can probably catch me snuggling with my four cats or two dogs, or some other kind of creature. I live on a farm, so I try to help out with farm duties when I can like bottle feeding calves or feeding the chickens and ducks. The animals can be kind of distracting since sometimes I just want to cuddle them instead of work alone in my studio, but it's all about the balance. 

9.) AT: Are you familiar with the term #girlboss? What does it mean to you? 

TGF: I am familiar with the term "girl boss" but I don't particularly like it. I do not like being referred to as a girl because I stopped being one of those years ago. We don't say "boy boss" or "man boss" so I don't know why I would need the "girl" to go before boss. I'm just a boss. We have worked hard to do away with gender classifications before professional titles like "female doctor" or "lady cop" because those titles make it seem like men are the normal standard. I believe I am an equal to a boss that's a male, not a special girl version. 

10.) AT: What can The World expect from you and your brand in the future?

TGF: I do several pop-up shows during the year, but I'm looking into doing some even bigger shows outside of my immediate area of Tennessee.  I  have thought about how far I want to take my business, and if someday I would want to be a household name. Right now I am comfortable with how known The Gypsy Fawn is in the Nashville area and Middle Tennessee, but I would like to have my line featured in more stores nationally and possibly even internationally one day. Through Etsy I have a lot of international orders, and it's always exciting to know that something I made is being worn in Australia, Greece, or Japan.

The Gypsy Fawn pieces are currently available at 7 retail locations: Local Honey in Nashville at both their Belmont and East locations, Abednego in Nashville in the Germantown area, The Trunk in East Nashville, Sugaree's in Mufreesboro, Tennessee, Crazy Beautiful in Memphis, Tennessee, and Domestica in Des Moines, Iowa. Ashley told us the next goal is to find some stores perfect for The Gypsy Fawn on the West Coast. 

If you're not in the Tennessee area or have access to these locations, you can purchase her items through her Etsy Store... Click here.  Follow the shop on Instagram too @TheGypsyFawn

Making my dreams come true, 
Ashley Tamarra 
(Owner, Love Doll Shoppe) 

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