Obsessin' || July '16

obessin' July 16
Happy July dolls! How crazy is time flying this year?! Since it's the start of the month let me tell you about what I'm obsessing over.

Velvet Sandals 
Right now velvet is my favorite fabric, now that I've been seeing it on a pair of heels makes my spidey senses go WILD! I don't feel like they are a staple item or your normal go to. Thus making them extraordinary. You want to be extraordinary. 

Faux Locs 
The media may have bashed Zanaya for hers on the red carpet but we are SO for them. We are loving how girls are pushing the limit and trying the rasta man look. [Photo source here] I actually am known to rock them myself! They are convenient, fun, and CUTE!

Nineties Fashion 
I am absolutely loving how the 90s have made their way back to society. Aside from chokers (which I absolutely adore), I have been seeing the plaid flannel tops wrapped around waists, high buns, and oversized denim jackets. Grunge. Need I say more? I mean, we are specifically focusing on the nineties at The Shoppe... See? 

I am the type of person who does not like to have music forced on me. I remember a good friend of mine played The Life of Pablo in the car stupid loud and I just wasn't feeling it. Let it be known I am a HUGE Kanye West Fan. Yes, he's a jerk to say the least but I don't care. Musically, he's a genius.  I took the time, dowloaded it, and listened to it on my own time. I have been in love ever since. Beyonce' has dropped, Rihanna has dropped, Drake...dropped. Although I love all these albums... I still revert to Pablo. In one of Kanye's twitter rants he called it The Album of Life. I won't take it that far, BUT I will say it is definitely a work of art. 

Nail Designs 
If you know me personally, then you know keeping my nails done is a MUST.  I'm always trying to find new ways to style them. It keeps me from being "regular" and bored. The most popular polish out is mood changing colors. However, I am really wanting to try the glass or transparent designs. If you're into long nails try stiletto or coffin shaped.

A woman with drive can never be put in park. 

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