Wake Up! You've Been Sleeping On These Fashion Goddesses


     Not everyone in the entertainment world gets the recognition they deserve when it comes to fashion. There are so many fashion Goddesses (as I like to call them) that do not get the recognition that I feel they deserve. Even without the recognition, they continue to SLAY!

Seeing so many fashionable ladies out in the entertainment business, I feel like they are a little under appreciated when it comes to their style, Here are just a few of my favorites, I hope they soon become yours!

DJ Kitty Cash

DJ Kitty Cash, Mix Queen as I like to call her, absolute;y does not get the recognition she deserves, Running across her on my social media account gave me the idea that she should be recognized for her fashion endeavors for once, even if it isn't for her amazing mixes.

Sita Abellan

Sita, is well known for being Rihanna's accomplice in her BBHMM video. She is a successful model, Dj, and she definitely has a style of her own. She has never been seen in a garment that is not unique. Not many take recogniton her but she soon will take her catwalk.

Vashtie Kola

DJ Vashtie has been around for a very long time. Not to say that she's old or anything but she does NOT look a day over 17 (LOL) to say that she's been in the game for a while. Her style definitely varies and to say that she is the very first woman to ever have her very own design of a Jordan shoe.


Sza is one of my absolute favorite artists. To go along with her eccentric style of music, she also have a very keen aesthetic fashion. She also is known to try her luscious locs (Which I also adore) of hair at different colors.Very slept on as an artist and for her fashion choices.


Don't be surprised, but Kelela is also another one of my favorite artists. She also released one of my favorite songs of 2015, "Rewind" from her Hallucinogen EP. To go along quirky style, her dread locs add character as well.

Parkwood's (Beyonce's music label) own rapper
and song writer (Wrote Beyonce's "Love Drought") Ingrid, is definitely one of a kind, Newly signed to Parkwood where many of the artists have a wide range of style.She is definitely a force to be reckoned with her style.
Justine Skye

VERY slept on as an artist, Justine has made many fashion statements. With her Carribean roots, she does not forget where she has came from. Her fashon is a reflection of it and her fashion is one to look out for.

Kali Uchis

Fairly new artist, Kali Uchis is a new comer. One of my favorite songs of the summer happens to be "Only Girl" featuring Steve Lacy and Vince Staples. She has a very innocent style but I won't disagree that it is different.


Queen of all queens of fashion and my personal favorite, not slept on at ALL, Solange. But I could not just leave her out when she is definitely a Fashion Goddess. Creative Director for Puma as well, she is one of my inspirations.

I love the feeling of being recognized, so why not recognize these Goddesses?... These fashion Goddesses at that.

A woman with drive, can never be put in part. -Daisha

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