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Wake Up! You've Been Sleeping On These Fashion Goddesses


     Not everyone in the entertainment world gets the recognition they deserve when it comes to fashion. There are so many fashion Goddesses (as I like to call them) that do not get the recognition that I feel they deserve. Even without the recognition, they continue to SLAY!

Obsessin' || July '16

obessin' July 16
Happy July dolls! How crazy is time flying this year?! Since it's the start of the month let me tell you about what I'm obsessing over.

Ten Questions || The Gypsy Fawn

One thing about being an online apparel brand is that you are always online. Upon my daily Instagram voyages I use hashtags and come across amazing brands and pages. This week in particular I used the hashtag #bohemian or #boho (I can't remember)... and came across this lovely brand. I won't even call it lovely... it is simply badass. I am working on my anti-social skills as of late and got the balls to send the page a direct message. Only after I stalked the Etsy store and Instagram page entirely. The fact that natural stone, coppers, and metals being used to create beautiful bohemian style pieces is what did it for me. I couldn't resist! 

I couldn't think of anything to say but "I looooooooove your pieces!!!" only to get the response.. " Thank you! I love yours too. we have similar tastes." That's when I thought hmmm... we DO have similar tastes aside from our love for boho fashion,  that fact that she like me is chasing her dreams and doing what she loves. I immediately asked the responder if we could collaborate some kind of way. Thus this idea came about...